EPIX is the telecommunications wholesaler operated by e-Południe (Association) founded in 2009 and maintained by Polish Small and Medium ISPs, according to not-for-profit regulations.
We are the largest Internet Exchange Points in Poland:
2.5Tbps+ traffic
850+ users
and one of world’s largest IXP according to HE world’s largest IXP chart.

EPIX’s IXPs POPS are located in Warsaw, Katowice and Poznan, they are conveniently accessible and capable of connectivity at 1/10/40/100/400Gbps speeds.

An EPIX single user port not only enables peering with other users but also allows for:

  • Private vlan access in either our Warsaw’s, Katowice’s or Poznan’s IXP
  • Remote access to EPIX’s other IXP
  • Access to our IP service PolMix – all Polish IXP’s mix (Equinix/PLIX, Thinx, TPIX, Pozix, UPC)
  • Access to our IP service GlobalMix – Tier1 (Arelion, Lumen, GTT, Telecom Italia SPARKLE, Liberty Global, Hurricane Electric, Cogent, Zayo, NTT, Tata Communications, PCCW Global) and European IXes (DE-CIX, Giganet, NIX, Peering.cz)
  • Direct access to Tier1/2 transit carrier services (Arelion, Lumen, GTT, Telecom Italia SPARKLE, Liberty Global, Hurricane Electric, Cogent and others.
  • Direct remote access to European IXes: DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, NIX.CZ, Peering.cz and others
  • Access to all of major Polish IPTV solution integrators: Fundacja Nasza Wizja, Metroport (MetroTV), Mattebox, Korbank (Avios), SGTSA (Jambox) and others
  • Access to nationwide Polish Small and Medium ISPs network along with last mile access on major area of Poland.

Shortened price list for regular customer:
1Gbps port – NRC 240PLN / MRC 99PLN
10Gbps port – NRC 499PLN / MRC 299PLN
40Gbps port – NRC 1666PLN / MRC 1999PLN
100Gbps port – NRC 1999PLN / MRC 2999PLN
Above prices of empty port, you will need to order IXP service:
Local OpenPeering on 1G port – NRC 99PLN / MRC 99PLN
Local OpenPeering on 10G port – NRC 99PLN / MRC 299PLN
Local OpenPeering on 40G port – NRC 99PLN / MRC 1196PLN
Local OpenPeering on 100G port – NRC 99PLN / MRC 2990PLN
Other services price lists are available for logged-in users, after free registration.

We do not create unnecessary paperwork.
Orders and LOA’s is made by separate e-mail for each service, to our sales team: zamowienia@epix.net.pl.
Agreement has unspecified period. Each party may terminate the agreement with a three months notice period.