EPIX is a telecommunications wholesaler operated by e-Południe (Association) founded in and maintained since 2009 by Polish Small and Medium ISPs, according to not-for-profit regulations.
We are the largest Internet Exchange Points in Poland (2.4Tbps+ traffic, 800+ users) and we are in the world’s top ten largest IXP charts.
EPIX’s IXPs are located in Warsaw and Katowice, both are conveniently accessible and capable of connectivity at 1/10/40/100Gbps speeds.
An EPIX single user port not only enables peering with other users but also allows for:

  • Private vlan access in either Warsaw’s, Katowice’s or Poznan’sIXP
  • Remote access to EPIX’s other IXP
  • Access to our IP services: Polish IXP’s mix (Equinix/PLIX, Thinx, TPIX, Pozix) Tier1/2 mix and European IXes (DE-CIX, Giganet, NIX, Peering.cz)
  • Direct access to Tier1/2 transit carrier services (Telia, GTT, Century Link (Level3), Liberty Global (UPC), RETN, Hurricane Electric and others.
  • Direct remote access to European IXes: DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, NIX.CZ, Peering.cz and others
  • Access to all of major Polish IPTV solution integrators: Metroport (MetroTV), Mattebox, Korbank (Avios), SGTSA (Jambox) and others
  • Access to nationwide Polish Small and Medium ISPs network along with last mile access on major area of Poland.